Mission & Vision

Imagine a school where each student builds foundational skills to pursue a chosen path to thrive in school, at work and in life.

Polaris Tech is that school – aspiring to turn the imagined into a reality.  We invite you to explore Polaris Tech as we plan and build your school in Jasper County.

Our Mission

To unleash potential, cultivate aspirations, and graduate students who are career-focused, college-ready and invested in the community.

Our Vision

​Polaris Tech is an innovation leader and school choice where graduates become the next generation of leaders, ​employers and employees who contribute to the economic well-being of their communities and families.

Polaris Tech is committed to:

Respecting individuality.
We give students the freedom to find their own path, at their own pace.

Educating the whole student.
We encourage and nurture strong minds, bodies and spirits.

Teaching for tomorrow.
Our hands-on, project based and technology driven curriculum prepares students for college, successful careers and community involvement.