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Board of Directors

Hello Polaris Tech Community!
It is a pleasure to welcome you to our 2023-24 school year. It’s going to be an amazing year – our very first year as a full-service school with learners on campus from kindergarten through 12th grade. We have a beautiful new school facility that will round out our campus, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the new school year.
We are a school of high expectations. We know our families have high expectations of Polaris Tech, our teachers/navigators, and of their children. We expect our students – we call them learners – to have high expectations of the school, their navigators, and our Board of Directors.
As Chairman of the Polaris Tech Board of Directors, I say with certainty that we have high expectations of everyone – and we’ve seldom been disappointed. Our learners achieve great things under the guidance of our experienced navigators, and the navigators continue their daily journeys as lifelong learners.
We know it’s going to be a busy and exciting year. Please visit our website at for information.
Thank you for joining us!
Gen. (ret.) Lloyd “Fig” Newton,
Chair, Polaris Tech Board of Directors
All board meetings are scheduled for 5 p.m.
The Board Zoom Meeting ID is 724 251 3738
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Changes to the Board scheduled dates will be published as required.
Thank you for helping us to REACH, RISE, and SOAR!