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Executive Director's Message

Welcome to a new and amazing year at Polaris Tech Charter School!
I am Kim Statler, executive director of the school. Before that, I served on the school’s Board of Directors and was part of the founding committee for Polaris Tech, so this wonderful school is part of my soul.
We have lots of newness with our new school year, starting with our new school facility right on Grays Highway. This will mainly be for our elementary grades but also will house our competition gym and other shared space. We look forward to hosting an open house this fall where families and the community can tour this exciting center of learning and exploration.
As part of that growth, we have many new navigators to teach kindergarten through fifth grades, our newest addition to Polaris Tech.
Families and our learners will receive lots of information between now and late August, including the Student Code of Conduct. We have high expectations for both learning and behavior here, so please pay attention to our school rules, rights, and responsibilities.
For our returning learners and families, we are excited to continue our joint journey of learning. Please be patient as we all work through new routines for drop-off and pick-up, for lunches, and other parts of the daily schedule – adding the elementary grades and 200 more students requires patience and everyone following the schedule!
To our newest families, welcome! You will find Polaris Tech truly is a learning family. We help each other and we support each other. If you have questions, please ask a staff member or me and we will happily help.
Together, let’s stride with purpose and grace into our new 2023-2024 school year at Polaris Tech!
Kim Statler
Executive Director