Personalized Learning 


Individualized. Innovative. Relevant.

Polaris Tech is Individualized.

Polaris Tech offers a learning model designed to unleash student potential and cultivate aspirations. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and challenged to express their talent; while they work at their own pace and take ownership of their education, without being bound to levels, structures or calendars.

Every aspect of Polaris Tech—from the rigorous course of competency-based study, to relevant applied learning projects, to a technology-driven curriculum, to open learning spaces and the daily schedule—is intended to prepare students for success in college and career. We cultivate student accountability by giving students the freedom to move throughout their learning environment and offering self-paced progression through our curriculum. Students learn to collaborate with Learning Navigators, teachers who work alongside students as instructional guides and content coaches, and student colleagues to create their uniquely personalized learning experience.

Polaris Tech bridges Innovation and Learning.

Polaris Tech embraces technology in every aspect of learning, teaching and operations. Polaris Tech provides a laptop to every student and Learning Navigator. Studios are equipped with tools for learning—SmartBoards™ and wireless printers—to support student work. Software applications, including the Edgenuity curriculum, Google classroom, online assessments, individual learner profiles and learning management system, make learning personalized. Additional software and technology support, such as LobbyGuard, SchoolPass and SchoolMint, support communications and ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Our state of the art SmartWave™ wi-fi enabled learning environment gives students the mobility to work in a learning studio, huddle room or common area. The free flow of student activity encourages students to work individually or gather teams, as they would in the real world of work.

Polaris Tech makes Learning Relevant.

Polaris Tech goes beyond the academic core to focus on tools and training for technology-rich career pathways and life success. Our emphasis on competency-based learning is the foundation for learning domains that ensure students possess the knowledge, skills and behaviors for college and tech career success. At Polaris Tech, we are focused on building capacity and competence of the whole student—social, emotional, economic and academic well-being through the following learning domains:

  • Academic Core – An academic foundation aligned to South Carolina State Academic Standards, including Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Global Studies and other course electives to acquire a South Carolina diploma. Students build and exhibit competency in traditional subjects.
  • Career and Technology Education (CATE) – High school students choose from six career pathways, chosen with attention to industry and career trends in our state and region. Learn more about our Career Pathways and how we prepare students to make the most of opportunities on the horizon. Students develop competency in industry knowledge, skills and applications to solve 21st century business challenges.
  • Foundational Life and Career Skills – Aligned to the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, students develop habits of success and build next generation skills with a focus on communications, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
  • Health and Wellness – Addresses the cultural and lifestyle factors impacting student and family success. Polaris Tech encourages and nurtures strong minds, bodies and spirits through a focus on health, wellness and positive lifestyle choices. Building these essential skills in our unique and positive educational space prepares students to make informed choices.

Our unique emphasis and approach go far beyond a traditional core curriculum, to educate the whole student. As respected partners in the process, our students are motivated to continuously build and demonstrate knowledge, skills, confidence and creativity that lays the foundation for a successful future.