Tech-Focused Career Pathways

Polaris Tech is Transformative.

Our goal is to create an entirely new narrative for students in Jasper County, one that broadens possibilities and creates new and exciting choices for the future.

Polaris Tech’s curriculum goes beyond the academic core and reaches into South Carolina’s industry needs and interests. Every student chooses a tech-focused career pathway that leads to industry certification. Students engage in hands-on, technology-rich experiences, interacting with industry professionals in the community to gain insight into tech-focused careers and occupations that spark interest and ignite passion.

Career exploration and our tech-focused curriculum include six exciting and relevant pathways: Aerospace, IT, Advanced Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Transportation and Business Management.

Students are introduced to all six pathways early in their Polaris Tech experience. They navigate these pathways differently each year, building knowledge, skills and expertise as they grow.

  • Middle School (6th and 7th grade): Students are introduced to all six pathways through the Project Lead the Way curriculum.
  • High School (8th and 9th grade): Students focus on the tech-focused career pathway that most aligns with their interests and aspirations. They enroll in the first of four courses required for the pathway. Additionally, they partake in advisory periods, career studios and intensives, and focus on habits of success and next generation essential skills.
  • High School (10th and 11th grade): Students continue the second and third course of study and may partake in internships and external learning, and explore options and ideas for opportunities beyond Polaris Tech. Students who qualify may also enroll in a second pathway course of study, including internships and dual enrollment in related college courses.
  • High School (12th grade): Students complete the final course of study and engage in a capstone project that culminates in a presentation to the school and community. Students actively participate in dual enrollment and internships.

We believe that this multi-faceted approach to educating our youth is vitally important. Companies like Google, Gulfstream, Boeing and Volvo are expanding in our region, bringing job opportunities, projects and the potential for success. Our unique, career-focused curriculum motivates, excites and prepares students to make the most of all of the exciting opportunities that are on the horizon.