Core Beliefs

Polaris Tech’s philosophical approach and commitment to a student centered learning model is driven by the underlying core beliefs that:

Relationships are the Heart of Learning

Students respond positively to being respected and honored and valued as equal partners in the learning process. A strong foundation for success is created when people are connected to a common mission and shared goals; positive and nurturing relationships are essential elements of a strong learning culture. Staff, parents, community and industry partners are essential in the journey to student success.

All Students Have the Capacity to Learn

Academic rigor regardless of circumstance is paramount for success. A student’s social, emotional, financial or family circumstances do not determine or predestine their learning potential, career opportunities and outcomes. All children have an immense capacity to learn and a limitless desire for knowledge; students must feel safe to explore and experience their inherent capacity and encouraged and empowered to take responsibility for their learning and outcomes. The opportunity to develop whole families – social awareness, emotional intelligence and cognitive skills – must be advanced with a focus on health, wellness and continuous learning.

Schools are Learning Organizations

Learning is exciting, emotional and energetic and encompasses all senses; a curious mind must be nurtured, encouraged and expanded beyond its current reference; learning is systemic and extends beyond the walls of school and classroom into the community and through partnerships that provide support; collaboration, teamwork, discipline, persistence, critical thinking and problem solving are the building blocks of an active learning community.

Learning is a Uniquely Personal Journey

Polaris Tech students are on an individual journey. Student’s learn at their own pace and must have agency to determine an informed path to work, college and/or career readiness. Progress is unique to each student. Student needs and interests must be cultivated and respected yet balanced with the reality of 21st century college, career and life demands. Compassionate guidance from caring adults and enlightened instruction must offer challenging and rigorous learning experiences that require evidence of competency that translates into the real world impact. Foremost, learning is the desired outcome and student must be supported in the journey, regardless of time structures, to demonstrate their progress and success.

Integrity in All Matters

The Polaris Tech community is part of something significant that extends beyond any one individual; individual behavior contributes to the collective Polaris Tech experience and to the culture of learning; the responsibility to behave in a manner that demonstrates respect for one another, a depth of character and dignity must be front of mind; all must behave in private, in public and collectively to engender the trust that makes the Polaris Tech learning experience possible.

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