Polaris Tech is Connected.

We harness the power of technology as a tool for teaching and learning and as a way to educate for life beyond the classroom.

Learning studios are equipped with SmartBoards™ and wireless printers connected to our state of the art SmartWave™ wi-fi enabled learning environment (link to student experience). Software applications, including the Edgenuity curriculum, Google classroom, online assessments, individual learner profiles and learning management system, make learning personalized. Additional software and technology support, such as LobbyGuard, SchoolPass and SchoolMint, support communications and ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Here’s how our cutting edge, tech-enabled classrooms benefit the Polaris Tech community:

  • Every student has a dedicated computer for use in coursework and as a learning tool for technological mastery.
  • Every student has an Individual Competency Achievement Plan (ICAN) profile—an easy to view, personalized roadmap used to chart a course for their own specific learning.
  • Every Learning Navigator and student can view and navigate work, progress, goal-setting and feedback in real-time, and work together to make the most of their learning plans and projects.
  • Students have the ability to move through coursework and curriculum independently and at their own pace.

We believe technology has the power to boost our students’ ability to make the most of our unique education, and prepare them for higher education and today’s tech-focused workplace.