The Charter

The Beginning

The seed for Polaris Tech germinated after a community advisory group was formed to review career pathways for Jasper County students.  Members from that group believed that a focus on career pathways – aerospace, information technology, business management, health sciences, mechatronics and logistics – would give Jasper County students the best chance for career and college success.

Some of the members of this initiative formed a committee to explore how this type of learning and experience could be delivered.  It was determined that the charter school model could be used to implement the committee's recommendations for the benefit of Jasper County students and their families.

The Charter

The Polaris Tech Charter Committee was formed in late 2015.  Five guiding beliefs were established – learning is a uniquely personal journey; relationships are at the heart of learning; integrity in all matters; all students have the capacity to learn; and schools are learning organizations – served to inform the path forward. Polaris Tech Charter School was approved by the South Carolina Public Charter School District on May 11, 2017.  Visit the Student-Centered Approach page to learn more about our approach to learning.

The Polaris Tech Charter Committee ten members have extensive education, military, business, public relations, medical, workforce and economic development experience.

Take a few moments to watch the video below. Members of the Steering Committee spent time with 843TV to promote Polaris Tech!